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1. It is amazing how much basil you can grow in a container!

2. Here I have begun clipping the plants about half way down, but above at least one split with leaves.

3. We are almost done. Note the ones in the back that have not been trimmed. What's left will surely grow back even fuller quite soon, so I can do this again!

4. Nice harvest - a small bushel basket full!

5. I have pulled the leaves off the stems, and set the stems aside. Ready for the food processor.

6. This was four pods of garlic. As it turned out, at the end of the processing I decided that more garlic was needed, so I prepared and added one more pod!

7. The ingredients for this afternoon's pesto are:

  • Fresh Basil
  • Garlic
  • Parmesan or Romano cheese
  • I used Pecans and Walnuts this time (came out great!)
  • Olive oil

8. You put it all in the food processor. This afternoon's bounty was five batches.

9. Process until smooth and the right consistency. You can add olive oil and see it change from a stiff paste to a half paste and half sauce.

10. I blended each batch together to even out the ingredients. After this it will go into smaller containers, covered with a thin coat of olive oil to discourage oxidation and discoloration.

11. It lasts for many weeks or even months in the refrigerator, but I froze two containers this time. As I use one up I can just pull one down to thaw and use. Oh, and I apologize for not getting pictures of the shrimp, pasta and pesto dish I did. I guess it was so inviting, and we were hungry and allured, that I got distracted, and didn't take any pictures. I might just do it again just to post a picture!


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